domenica 8 gennaio 2017

2016 - Top 10 Problems

- 10th. "Urban Cowboy", Southern Italy. FA Mauro Calibani

Video Still
-9th. "The X Pinch", Grampians (AUS). FA Jimmy Webb

Photo Giulia Paoletti
-8th. "Ghia", Aosta Valley (ITA). FA

Gabri on "Ghia". Video Still

-7th. "Biotronic", Quantum Field (NZ) FA

Photo Giulia Paoletti
-6th. "Passo Mambo", Southern Italy. FA Mauro Calibani

Photo from my archive
-5th. "Geometrie Non Euclidee", Southern Italy. FA

The day when Marco and I  discovered it!
- 3rd. "King Line", Flock Hill (NZ). FA

Photo Tom Hoyle
- 3rd. "Golden Rule", Grampians (AUS). 2nd asc. - FA Nalle Hukkataival

Photo Charlotte Garden 
- 2nd. "Survival of the Prettiest", Grampians (AUS). 2nd asc. - FA Nalle Hukkataival

Photo Simon Carter
- 1st. "The Big Show", Flock Hill (NZ). FA

Photo Giulia Paoletti

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