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Niccolo' Ceria

8th October, 1993
Gattinara, Italy

My name is Niccolo' Ceria, I am originally from Northern Italy and I was born in 1993. My passion for climbing started in the first 2000's during some summer vacations in France. In March 2003, I began to haunt a climbing gym and my vertical journey began. I was 9 and everything felt amazing at the climbing hall. Two years later I got into the competition scenes, from the youth regional events until some of the world cup senior stages. Years went by, from a hold to another.

2008 came and that was definitively a key-season for me. Together with my friend Marco and my brother Rudy, I had the opportunity to see what climbing could offer beyond the gym. Everything changed, everything turned into a new world, a new approach. Since then, the needs and the goals started to be different. 

The competitions let more and more room to the outside bouldering; the days in the woods became more frequent, until 2011, when I totally let the competitive scene. 
In 2012 high school was over and I started climbing full time. Since that year I only follow the rock inspiration, travelling from a place to the next, trying the most significant problems around and looking for the best lines. 

The last three years have been full of nice moments: lots of travelling, amazing rocks and possibilities to make first ascents in different areas.

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