Just be Bad, Italy Il Signore degli anelli, Italy Ambrogiotto di Bondone, Italy Curry, Italy
I frutteti di Oswald, Italy Il Meridiano di Greenwich, Italy The Education State, Italy Olè, Italy
White Shadow, Australia Watch and Act, Australia The Pyramid, Australia Ash Wednesday, Australia Mortality Sequence, New Zealand Levithan, New Zealand Franco Columbu, New Zealand Fatal Flaw, New Zealand
Goemon, Italy Pinzaci-tu, Italy Alone, Fontainebleau Orobooros, Fontainebleau
Shantaram, Norway Diamanten, Norway The Globalist, Helsinki No name, Norway
Taipan, Fontainebleau Menhir, Fontainebleau Le Pillier du Desert, Fontainebleau Deforestation, Fontainebleau
Reflecting Pool, Red Rocks Pork Chop left, Red Rocks Mr Moran V7, Red Rocks Gateway Highball, Red Rocks (USA). Photo Alexandra Kahn (1)
The X pinch, Australia Survival of the prettiest, Australia Parallel lines, Australia No name, Australia Never Say Never, Australia Giada, Australia Another lap around the sun, Australia The Joker, New Zealand Little Book of Calm, New Zealand Limestone Orgasm, New Zealand Kiss the Sky low, New Zealand Interstellar Overdrive, New Zealand King Line, New Zealand Achille last stand, New Zealand Tony's Problem, Ticino Slab, Ticino Limited Edition, Ticino Happy Birthday Toto', Ticino General Disarry, Ticino Kinshasa, Valle d'Aosta Boiler Arete, Valle d'Aosta 78%, Valle d'Aosta Project, Italy Occhio di Bue, Italy Agronomo non Praticante, Italy Titanic, Italy Geometrie non Euclidee , Italy Empire state Boulder, Italy Golia, Italy Passo Mambo,  Italy Fagaff le Puffador, Italy Bello Uaione, Italy

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